The adventure awaits

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Fairhope Escape Rooms

Q.  Is this a real pirate ship?

A.  No, it's an escape room with a pirate theme.  Trust us, you'll feel like you've been aboard!

Q.  I don't know what an escape room is.  Is it like a panic room?

A.  No, it's way more fun than a panic room.  It's a place where the focus is on using your logical thinking skills and working together.  You'll encounter hidden objects and clues, puzzles and riddles... but no panic buttons!

Q.  Do I need to bring anything with me?

A.  Everything you need will be found on board.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. (shoes are required of all participants)  It is suggested that you save the alcohol for the celebration after you complete the game!

Q.  How many people can participate?  

A.  While we suggest at least four, you can play the game with anywhere from 2 - 8 people.  

Q.  Is there an age limit?

A.  Our Pirate Ship escape room is designed for everyone ages 12 and up.  Those under the age of 16 need to play with a parent or guardian.

Q.  How much does it cost?

A.  We charge $25 per participant.  Be aware that if you register for a game with less than eight people, you may be partnered with another small group.  If you would prefer to have a private room, please contact us in advance.

Q.  Can I Google the answers?

A.  No electronic devices are allowed inside the room.  We will provide a locker for you to store all of your valuables in during game play.

Q.  Hey!  I came by during your posted hours and no one was there!  What gives?

A.  We are a small operation; we require advanced bookings before a game guide is assigned to be your host and open the facility.